Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I want to be a multimedia journalist?

Being a journalist today and in the future means you no longer work in a newsroom where there is one platform e.g. radio only, television only and print only. Online skills are fundamental as all newsrooms have a website. And, many newsroom demand reporters have the ability to produce content for these sites. Print newsrooms post video. Radio newsrooms will post a picture to go with a story. So, it is important to have skills across many platforms.

Why is the program three years?

Loyalists wants to provide students with comprehensive training. The first two years of the program prepare you to work across the four platforms in print, radio, television and online, along with using a full array of social media. In the third year, students specialize in one medium in preparation for that industry. This allows them to hone advanced skills in a particular field, like television. Student undertake a special project in the final year, as well as prepare a digital story using multiple or multimedia.

What if I have a passion for a particular type of journalism, like sports or entertainment?

Loyalist encourages students to pursue their passion. However, all students must go through a well-rounded experience learning various forms of coverage. It is also important students are exposed to many topics and kinds of reporting to prepare them for industry. Still, students will be allowed to do projects and assignments in their area of interest. Student are also encouraged to further their studies in the Sport Journalism program and the Public Relations post-graduate program, as well.

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