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Preparing for the future

Journalism: Online, Print and Broadcast prepares students for today’s journalism and the industry of the future.

Students train to be flexible industry professionals in a full range of media, with the opportunity to focus on two areas of specialization.

In first year, students work in simulation labs honing their research, writing, interviewing, technical and performance skills in preparation to create a basic story. Students will tap into their natural talents as they begin to develop their journalism skills.

In second year, students produce journalism content for public consumption creating complete stories. Students gain experience on the college radio station, produce television newscast and publish online content for QNetNews.

In third year, students further hone their craft by developing complex stories across multiple platforms using all three mediums. It is also the year when students can choose to focus on a specific stream, or continue dabbling in all three.

Students will find the current rates for tuition, along with information regarding consumable fees, which pay for equipment and resources directly related to the program, on Loyalist College website.


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